About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is nothing more and nothing less than a deep state of relaxation.
Hypnosis is not something that you need to fear.
Once you have experieced hypnosis you will want to enjoy the awesome place again as it feels so good and tranquil when you are there

A part us is called the mind, which is divided into four parts:
What Hypnosis Can do for You

Jason is a qualified and certified Master Hypnotherapist; a NLP Master Practitioner; Life Coach and Graduate Counsellor.
He uses all four modalities in helping people with the issues that they bring to him for help with.
Inspirational Speaker

Jason is an accomplished speaker in his own right. Having won many speaking competitions as a member of both Toastmasters International and The Professional Speakers Association.

He offers many presentations ranging from one hour key note speeches to 5 day workshops.

Jason is registered with SAQA as a Facilitator; Assessor; Moderator; Mentor and Coach, where he brings all his years of experience and knowledge to the fore
Stage Shows Your choice of Venue

Stage hypnosis is an awesome form of entertainment where the audience members become the stars of the show.

The shows are very interactive - however don't those of you that are reluctant worry, I only get those people who want to participate involved.
I make my shows both entertaining and educational, by teaching and demonstrating how we can embrace the power of the mind to create an alternative reality. Allowing society's realities to "just not matter" for a while. When you come and experience my show you are given permission to suspend all beliefs, till later that is.
Hypnosis Workshops

How would you like to be able to have influence over others to help create positive change in their lives?

Using and teaching people how to use the power of their own minds.
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Hypnotherapist Training. Hypnotherapy to help you.
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Jason's training style is hands on creating a full immersion experience.
You will love it but at times it will be challenging.
You will leave the workshop knowing you can do it.

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I work from three locations offices
Somerset West
Southern Suburbs
Sea Point
Hypnosis as done by Master Hypnotherapist Jason Sandler
Mobile: 072 239 2760   E-mail: jason@jasonsandler.co.za